Recording Photo, Video, Audio

How to take photos, record videos, record sounds

Record media and store in database

Your project might deal in regular data, but also you might have a need for your users to record photos - of building problems, of people, or whatever.

Similarly, you might need to record video, or audio.

Logiak Processes has interactions for these tasks. Of course, the device on which the App is running has to be suitably equipped with camera and microphone.

The media is recorded by the device, and then pushed by Logiak to the backend Storage, so that it can be shared by other users if required, and retrieved if the device is re-initialised.

Adding interaction

Adding the interactions is straightforward.

Like all others, you specify question/prompt text and can assign a meaningful response value name.

Sample interactions on a mobile device

Here are some videos showing what the photo/video/audio recording interactions look like for a user on a device.

Taking Photo

Recording Video

Recording Audio