Actions can be a simple list of links, or can be used for workflow purposes


An Actions component is useful if you want to present the user with a list of options or tasks.

Each of those options or tasks is a component: like the Container components, an Actions component is configured by selecting one or more other components to put into it.

By default, the Actions component presents the possible actions as clickable links.

Using Switches to control the user’s Workflow

An Actions components presents a choice of possible tasks or functions to the user.

Where an Actions component is located within a Downstream area, where an Object has been selected, the Actions component can be configured to adapt to the values in the true/false fields of that Object.

It is possible to configure a single action to be:

By default Can conditionally be
Shown Not shown
Enabled Disabled
Not marked Marked with a tick

Since the values of the true/false fields of the object can be updated by Processes, this gives an easily modifiable system which presents tasks to the user appropriate to the current circumstances.

Or, it can present a sequence of tasks to the user so that the user completes one after the other and ticks indicate which ones have been completed and which remain to be done.

Use images to represent the choices