Free Project Spaces

You create a FREE personal space when you first login to Logiak

Start FREE

When you start with Logiak, you create a FREE Personal Project space, identified by the email with which you log in.

The FREE space gives you the scope to explore Logiak, and determine whether it is right for your project.

In almost all cases, to make effective use of Logiak however you really need to use a paid plan:

  • TEAM

Limitations of the FREE Plan

There are no limitations on App development as such, but deployment is restricted.

  • Deploying as a web application is not available under the FREE plan.
  • Deploying to “device only” is possible. This means: you can initialise devices with your App, but any data entered would not be synced with a backend.
  • Deploying to a Supabase or Firebase backend under the FREE plan is limited to Minimal Projects: this is so that you can reassure yourself that the integration works and that you can achieve it, before upgrading to a paid plan.

Minimal Project limits

A “Minimal Project” is defined here as one in which none of these limits is exceeded.

  • maximum of 1 App in the Project
  • maximum of 4 Components in the App
  • maximum of 1 Process
  • maximum of 1 Object