Barcode/QR Code reader

User reads a bar/QR code

Barcodes and QR codes reading

This is another interaction making use of the device camera (i.e. for devices only with cameras).

It makes it possible for the user to scan in Barcodes and QR codes within a Process.

The Response Values of both of these can be mapped to a Text field of an object.

Showing in Object View

Unlike Signatures, when viewed in an Object View, we don’t reproduce the codes of course, but the values which have been read from them.

These are in text form. They may or may not be URLs. If they are URLs, we endeavour to present them as active links.

With a barcode, the value is likely to be a number. It will be stored in a text field. We assume it to be an identifier rather than a number to calculate with.

User scans a QR code

User scans a barcode