Logiak Overview

What is Logiak?


Logiak is a lightweight 100% No Code system with which you can rapidly and robustly build cross-platform Apps without programming.

Logiak allows you to

Logiak Products

This is what Logiak consists in

  • a web application. This is where you login to create and manage project configurations, available as SaaS or on-prem,
  • Runner Apps for iOS and Android. With these Apps your configurations are transformed into running Apps.

Logiak-created Apps are available for web, iOS and Android (with Supabase ) and iOS and Android (with Firebase )

Benefits (in short)

  • Quick!
  • Fun!
  • Powerful!
  • Robust!

Key feature: Systems, not just Apps

When we say that Logiak allows you to build systems and not just Apps, we are referring to the fact that Logiak supports projects which involve various types of users collaborating together.

These users need to share a common database, but have different access to it, and different functionality.

Key feature: Declarative Logic

One of the main reasons why experts, for example those with specialist medical or legal knowledge, have been so able to create systems with Logiak is because at the heart of the system is the ability to express knowledge declaratively.

What is Logiak good for?

Logiak is good for when you have data, collect data, and want non-aggregate data to be processed in particular ways.

Let us call that Data Management

One might also use the term Case Management: when you deal with certain things or events and need to register/record them, and then process them individually in certain specified ways.

And Logiak is particularly useful when you need to have close attention to and reasonably complex processing of individual cases.

The clearest example of this is when you set out to provide Decision Support

Benefits (longer)

  • Building an App with Logiak is rapid and is therefore highly cost-effective
  • Using pre-existing components means you are not dealing with the fragility of new code ( robustness)
  • Logiak automatically prevents you making some of the mistakes common to programming. This also enhances robustness
  • Apps can be constructed by analytically-minded people without experience in programming, so this widens the pool of people within your organization who can do this. If someone can use Excel effectively, they are likely to find it possible to do the same with Logiak.
  • Sometimes there is knowledge/expertise which you want to build into an App and the very best way is to have the expert(s) themselves do that. Having an the expert communicate the knowledge to a programmer, brings communication and interpretation challenges which create inefficiencies at best, but which can prove to be insurmountable at worst.

Logiak Overview

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