Development Mode

Development Mode (Rapid development)

Development Mode is a pre-production mode particularly relevant if you want to develop for mobile.

It permits you to deploy to device and exposes controls which allows you immediate updating without going through the normal development cycle of having to

How to switch a deployment to Development Mode

In Development Mode, instead of deploying a named version, you are deploying the current state of the project.

DevMode controls on the device

There are four functions available to you

  • Refresh
  • Add Component
  • Edit this Component
  • Zap this App

DevMode Refresh

A drop-down appears in the deployed App which permits you, among other things, to Refresh the device with the latest changes you have made.

A configuration change in the server is immediately seen on the device

DevMode Add Component

You can add new Components to the App, just as on the Server.

However, to link a newly added Component in, you don’t drag and drop, but rather you edit a Component which is already in the App, and add the new Component as the destination of a transition there, or as included in that Component (if the Component is a Container Component).

DevMode Edit this Component

Basically, with the Edit this Component option, you get access to the full functionality of the left pane of the Component Editor for that Component.

Edit your App on the device!

DevMode Zap this App

This is a function which clears the current App configuration entirely from the device, and presents you with the bare Logiak Runner App again, so that you can scan in a different QR Code - work on a different App.