Yes/No Question

Asking the user to make a binary decision


A yes/no question is the simplest of interactions: you pose a question and the user can give two possible responses : yes or no.

ADDING a YES/NO Question

Altering project words for yes and no

The words “Yes” and “no” are not completely hardcoded - they are System Symbols.

This means you can alter the text associated with them at the Project level:

  • go to the Project Level
  • Select to edit Symbols
  • Find yes and no under System symbols and amend their display names.

Please note: this will alter the presentation of ALL yes/no questions in the Project

Can I completely customize the yes/no options?

Alternative yes/no controls

If you don’t want the vertically arranged radio buttons, you can select a different kind of interaction.

The Value of a yes/no question is true/false

The user’s response to a yes/no question yields a value with DataType true/false.

If the user selects “yes”, the value is true, otherwise false.