The gallery component presents media

A Gallery is the presentation of one or more media elements contained in the Project.

In this video, we go the Media tab and find and add an Image to the Project media.

Then we create add a new Gallery component to the App, selecting some images from the Project media.

this takes just 0.58!

Gallery of the elements

Making images clickable

Like the Cards component, it is possible to make images selectable by the user.

Unlike with the Cards component, there is not an Object instance underlying each of the images, so the user click does not create a downstream area in which an Object is remembered.

Instead, to make the contents of a Gallery clickable, you have to select destination component(s) for each image:

Supplementing images with text(s)

In the Media tab, when you edit an Image, you can add Title, Sub-title and Caption, thereby giving sufficient fields that each Media element can be treated as a Card for the purposes of using the defined Card Renderers.

Adding texts to image - then able to use Card display modes

Comparison with Cards


  • Displays use “Card” concept - can attach texts to Media to fit Card model
  • Images can be made clickable


  • In Cards , each card represents an instance, and the selection of one creates a downstream
  • Because there is no backing Object, there are no implicit or user filters to restrict which Media to display

Some display modes

Gallery offers several display modes and parameters, including the option to render the Media as Cards or not.

Here is a video which shows some options like

  • Masonry
  • Carousel

Gallery display modes