Object Instances as Inputs to a Process

Object instances as inputs to a Process

Input instances

Object instances are structures usually containing several fields with values. Think: row in a spreadsheet, or row in a database table.

In the Values tab, you can configure a Process so that it has an Object instance as input.

That is, you can say that this Process has access to an instance of a given type.


Let us illustrate with a simple example.

Declare input instance in Process

Suppose you have defined a patient object with just three fields (uid,name,age):

Now let’s look at creating a Process, and the first thing we will do in the Process is go to the Values tab and say that this Process has a patient as input

Access value of instance

What can you do in the Process with the input?

You can access the values in the patient record which has been passed in in both actions and interactions of the Process by using the Logiak convention for variables:

Presenting a value from the input instance to the user

Defining condition on input field value

Defining variable with input field value