Meta condition

A condition defined from other conditions

Meta Conditions

A Meta Condition is a statement which can be true or false.

Its truth depends on the truth of the sub-conditions it contains.

Example: Defining child is an infant with fever

Suppose we have a value condition “Child is an infant”;

And suppose we had a second value condition “Child has fever”;

We could define a meta-condition with both of these conditions as sub-conditions, and choosing to require ALL sub-conditions to be true.

We might name this meta-condition: “Child is an infant AND child has fever” or “Child is an infant with fever”

define a condition Child is an infant with fever

Note that named condition which are defined but nowhere used are in a light font.

When conditions are in use (e.g. as subconditions of a meta condition), their names are presented with a regular font weight.

Meta Conditions can be sub-conditions

Meta conditions are conditions like any other, so they can be used as sub-conditions in defining other meta-conditions.

Once you have defined “Child is an infant with fever”, you can simply select that as a sub-condition in defining a further meta-condition