Object Categories

Object category

Categories of Object

There is really only one kind of Object: a structure with fields and relationships which map onto a database table.

But then we have three other purposes that we are treating in the same way as objects, so that we can reuse as much as everything else in Logiak: they share the same UI for being configured, can be used in much the same places as “normal” objects. Avoiding proliferation of concepts, is part of minimisation to avoid large learning curve.

  • User settings
  • User profile
  • Lookup table

We’ve conceptualised these three things also in terms of objects.

Data Object

  • Normal data object - for your Apps to create, update and delete records
  • Can have relationships
  • Each type maps to a database table
  • You can have any number of Data Object types
  • There can be any number of instances of any of these types

Table Object

  • Data defined statically
  • Data maintained offline in a Google Sheet
  • Each type maps to a database table, but with data
  • Can have relationships, as long as keys exist
  • You can have any number of Table Object types

State Object

  • Not in the database, but local storage
  • You can have any number of State Object types
  • Exactly one instance of each State Object exists
  • No need to create
  • Can be updated (only)

User Profile Object

  • Maximum of one User Profile Object type per Project
  • Requires Apps to have Login
  • Has auto-fill email field as unique field
  • Exactly one instance per User
  • Can be updated