Runner Apps

Runner Apps for Logiak

What we are referring to as Runner Apps are native Apps available in Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore.

They are basically the supporting underlay which allows you to download and run the Apps you configure with Logiak.

AppStore (iOS - iPhone and iPad
PlayStore (Android)

On both devices, when you run them, the Runner Apps look like this:

First screen

Second screen


The user gives permissions when the “Let’s Go” button is clicked.

These permissions are the same for all Logiak Apps. They are not sensitive to the use or not of any capability in any particular App.

First screen

At the foot of the first screen, the current version of Logiak is shown on the left, and the dimensions of the current device, in Logical Pixels, on the right

Second screen

The second screen gives you access to the QR Code scanner.

Scanning a QR Code is one of two ways your users can access your App.

The QR Code for any particular App is available from the Deployment’s’s Access tab. Hence, please note that a QR Code is really not for an App as such, it is for an App-in-a-Deployment (in fact, if you are using translations, it is: for an App-in-a-language-in-a-deployment)