Map can be used to plot multiple points. Each point represents an instance

Plotting locations in a Map

The Map component has similarities with Listing, Cards

Like these other components, we are representing multiple records of a certain kind on the screen.

This is how we represent them

Component Item
Listing A row per record
Cards An image per record
Map A location marker per record

But they have the common features that each of these items represent a record,
the items are clickable, and you can set which components come next, including components that make use of the selected record.

SELECT transition like List

Data filtering like List

Example Map

In this video we show mapping from data about some cities which include population.

We set an implicit filter - we want to show only cities with a population > 20 million

Then we create an Object View and attach it to the SELECT transition to demonstrate the markers are clickable and open up a downstream where an instance of the object has been selected

Mapping some large cities