Create Instance Action

When a new record is written to the database

Creating a record

This is one of the most important aspects of of Logiak.

This is where your App creates a new record, a new Object instance, in the database.

It gets recorded on the device, and also pushed to the backend.

Object type

Of course, every record has to be of a specific type. So you need to choose one of the Data objects you’ve defined.


The core of creating a new record is to assign values to its field.

The values are values in the Process.

We refer to this assignment of values-to-fields as a mapping.

Type mapping

There are some limits to the mapping to do with data types.

For all number fields in the object, you will need to map a number value from the Process.

You can though map numbers to text fields (we can convert the numbers to text).

Maybe most surprising is that you can map symbols to symbol sets (we can create a set with just that one symnbol).

Conditions can serve as true/false values

Yes, you can map not only true/false values from the Process to true/false fields of the object, but also any condition.

All conditions are statements which evaluate to true or false, so those evaluations can be used as values to be put into true/false object fields.