Logiak and Data

Logiak is hands-off with your data

Logiak is lightweight

Logiak is a lightweight service with which you create Apps to deploy to your backends.

That is: Logiak does not control your data, you do!

You set up the backend (with support from Logiak), and you have full control over that backend. Logiak has zero control.

Backend Parameters

When you set up the backend, you enter some parameters from the backend into Logiak.

These parameters are required so that your Apps, and the Logiak server on your behalf, can communicate with your backend, and but we affirm that the parameters are used solely for the purposes of your project.

Logiak’s minimal constraints on data model

How about the data model, are there some proprietary aspects to that?


Logiak is designed to be minimally intrusive in how your design your data.

Here are the extent of the constraints:

  1. Each table has to have a primary key (this is hardly a constraint: it is good practice)
  2. Primary keys cannot be composite
  3. A table cannot have more than one foreign key to the same table

logiak_version system table

To support remote deployment of new versions, Logiak requires the addition of a single system table called logiak_version to your database.

This table affects nothing else - has no relationship with any other table - and can simply be deleted without problem should you decide to stop using Logiak

No data lock-in!

We have done as much as possible to ensure there is no data lock-in with Logiak.

When you deploy Logiak, you are creating or using a totally normal database, designed by you, one that you can continue to use with other technologies should you decide to stop using Logiak.

An advantage of this is that Logiak is a conceivable solution for someone who wants to build Apps to make use of an existing database.