Apps in Projects

Projects contains Apps

Apps in Projects

Projects can contain multiple Apps.

Each App has its own Component Flow, but share Project-level resources:

There is no limit on the number of Apps you can create in a Project.

Systems not just Apps

This fact is important because it is very common to need more than one App for a particular project.

Example: Field workers and Supervisor

For example, you may need an App for a group of Community Health Workers (CHWs), and an App for their Supervisor, with quite different functionality.

Perhaps the Supervisor has the ability to monitor CHW performance, perhaps has am ability to double check that scheduled visits are being made in a timely fashion.

Example: Despatcher and deliverers

Perhaps you have a task which splits naturally into a “Despatcher” and “Executor” model, such as if you are managing deliveries.

You may need an App for the drivers, so they can view their tasks, and an App for the HQ Despatcher who takes orders and despatches them to drivers.

These are just two examples of systems made with two Apps sharing the same database. There are innumerable other examples, and recall, the Apps do not need to be restricted to two.