How to Build an App

To plan an App is almost to build an App - just define a Component Flow

Further Developing the Events App

After more thought about your Events App, maybe you think your App should look like this -

When the user logs in, there is a tabbed dialogue with two tabs: upcoming events and past events.

  graph LR 
        A[Logs in] --> X[Tabs]
        X[Tabs] --> B[Upcoming events list] 
        X[Tabs] --> Y[Past events list] 
        B --> C[Add a new event] 
        B --> E[Single Event Tabs]
        Y -->E[Single Event Tabs]
        E --> F[Detailed Event Info]
        F --> I[Edit Event Info]
        E --> G[Actions on the Event]
        E --> H[Reminders on Event regulations]
        G --> N[Cancel Event]
        G --> J[Delete Event]

Build the two Lists