Declarative Logic

Declarative Logic

What is declarative logic?

Declarative logic is the kind of logic we are most familiar with as human beings - it is reasoning about states of affairs.

Jim is 17 years old
Driving is permitted from 18 years of age
Jim cannot drive yet

These are three declarative statements.

Statements are things which can be evaluated to be true or false.

If the first two statements are true, we can conclude the third statement is true.

Declarative Logic in Logiak

If the above is easy to understand (which of course it is), that is good because, as you will see, Logiak lets you do a huge amount of computation simply by creating declarative statements like this.

The separation between declarative and procedural thinking is one of the core selling points of Logiak

We call these statements: conditions

We refer to these statements are Conditions, because of one primary role they play in Logiak Processes, and that is as pre-conditions for Process steps.

But definitions would also have been a good name for them, as would statements.

There are three kinds of Conditions you can define