Components can be added as contained by other components

Component may contain other components

A Component can be in the Flow either as…

  1. The destination of a - transition.
  2. or as contained by another component which is already within the Flow.
  3. or as a navigation element on any component within the Flow

Components which contain other components

Component Notes
Actions Presents Components as links or buttons Useful for workflow
Tabs Presents a tabbed dialogue with each contained component in a tab Tabs can contain max 5
Vertical Presents contained Components vertically scrolling if necessary
Horizontal Presents contained Components horizontally Can be rendered as carousel, etc.
Layouts Presents contained Components together in layouts which you custom design Design different layouts for different display widths

Actually, all Components can contain other components - as [navigation elements](

Removing from parent (1)

You can remove a Component from its container, from within the Flow, by moving the mouse over the “CONTAINS” link, and clicking the button which appears.

Removing from parent (2)

Alternatively, you can open the Editor for the parent component and remove the contained component like this: