Text recognition

User scans in some text

Text Recognition

There can be situations where information on cards, badges, or written on pieces of paper, is really information you need in your data processing.

For example, maybe you are in a situation where your clients each has a badge containing their ID, and you want to introduce a system of recording information about their visits, but you want also record the client ID for each visit.

If the ID is a barcode or QRCode, then you can use the code reader interaction , but if it is just printed in text form, then your users would have to enter it, which could be time-consuming, or error-prone.

OR, you could try using this Text Recognition interaction.

Text Recognition interaction

This interaction gets the user to take an photo containing the text which needs to be scanned in.

Logiak is able to make a good fist of extracting the text values from an image.


Reading text of the label of a medicine bottle

Reading the text on a fridge magnet

Edit option for corrections

The scan might not always produce the target text perfectly, which is why there is an edit option once the text is scanned in, which allows users to correct errors.

But as the videos shows, the scans can be good, and practice in getting the camera focussed on the text you want, and only that, can improve the quality a lot.


This is used typically to scan in small amounts of text, rather than long chunks.

It may be used for scanning labels, or text from information cards, ids…