Unique Field

Field guaranteed to have unique values for each instance

Field with unique values

There are few restrictions object definitions but one of them is that there must be, for every object, a field whose values are guaranteed to be different for each instance.

In familiar computing terms, what we are saying here is that every Object must have a Primary key, with the limitation that the Primary Key must be one field rather than a composite.


For this reason, by default, when an Object type is first created, an Auto-Fill field called UID is automatically added and assigned as the unique field.

UID stands for Unique Identifer.

When an Object type is first defined, by default the unique field is assigned as a UID field.

Auto-Fill fields are fields where Logiak assigns values automatically.

In the case of UID, Logiak assigns to each instance a Universally-unique identifier as the UID.

Possible to assign other fields

So, quite frankly, you don’t need to worry about the uniqueness issue.

But if your data already has an “id” or some field which is guaranteed to be unique for each row, then you could assign that field as the unique field for that object, and delete the UID field.

Simply click “change” and select the field you want to use as the Field with unique values