Use Cases

What Logiak is ideal for
  • diagnosis - medical, technical
  • data breach handling
  • vehicle handover checks
  • stock control
  • CHW team co-ordination
  • data collection for research
  • surveys
  • field team collaboration
  • despatcher systems
  • tutorial systems
  • sales rep quote system
  • marketplace - buyers, sellers, and admin

from reddit

The calculator has the following three types of sheets:

User input sheets (questionnaires, essentially)

Output sheets (which give results based on the input)

Several reference tables (which use Vlookups…etc. to create the output from the input, using conversion factors for different years…etc.)

And I would like to have a web app which is capable of the following:

Uses the same input/output/reference tables as the calculator

Allows users to sign in and create their own account

Can take either one off/monthly payments for users/businesses to create and have access to their own account

Make the input look user friendly and interactive (rather than just a series of spreadsheet tables users fill in).

Have the reference tables hidden.

Have the output available to users in the form of dashboards, PDF reports and CSV raw data to use for their own projects.

Gives a library of resources/instructions/recommendations I’ve created on different aspects contained within the calculator.

Exist on its own domain (e.g

Does some sort excel to web app conversion tool already exist? Or would it be better for me to hire a freelance html/java coder from somewhere like Fiverr and host it myself?