Adding a Component

Components in Logiak

How to ADD a Component to an App

To Add a component to an App, you need to

  1. Create the Component
  2. Link it into the Component Flow

1. Create the component

Create the Component via these steps:

  • Click the Add component button

  • Select the type of the component you want to create

  • For some components, you will be asked choose an object type and maybe some other configuration decisions

  • Give the Component a name

Component initially Unlinked

When a Component is first created, it will appear in the UNLINKED COMPONENTS column on the right, as shown here:

Now you need to Link the new Component into the Component Flow.

There are two ways to do this:

  • 2.1 Via drag and drop
  • 2.2 By editing the parent Component
  • Drag the new Unlinked Component from the components column into the Component Flow.
  • Drop it onto a component that you want to link it to, or that you want it to be contained by, and the component flow will update to show the new component within the flow. It will no longer appear under “UNLINKED”

Alternatively, you can edit the component which you want the new component to be linked to, and add the component there.