Managing Large Component Flows

What to do when the Component Flow gets big?

The Challenge

Let us suppose you have a small App with just three components, including a Listing.

Then you attach an Object View as the SELECT transition for the Listing.

Oops it is hidden, already. Is there a scaling problem here? Can we manage large Component Flows - large Apps?

Yes, you can create large Apps with Logiak.

This page explains how to manage large Component Flows, without purchasing a huge monitor.

The Solution(s)

1. Pin a Component as root

You can select any component and “pin” that component as root.

What this means is that you will no longer see the whole Component Flow. You will only see the “sub-tree” which begins with the Component you have pinned as root.

Here we ilustrate this by selecting and pinning the Listing.

We also show how to clear the pin (click on the clear button beneath the pin icon)

Pinning and unpinning the LISTING

2. Click on token to expose Component

Even if your Component Flow is huge, you can command Logiak to locate a component for you by clicking on the token in the component in the right column.

Click on component in column

3. Use Scrolling

The Component Flow scrolls both vertically and horizontally.

So when some Components are hidden behind the Components Column, you can scroll left and they will appear.

4. Put away Components Column

5. Switch to make Component Flow fit horizontally