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1 - Debug Overview

Debug Overview

Check your reasoning

The Debug tab of Process allows you at any time to interact with the Process while at the same time seeing information which makes clear why the Process is behaving as it is: it shows the logic and calculations defined within the Process in detail.

Left: Process, Right: Debug info

Within the debugger, the screen is partitioned into left and right.

On the left, you see the Process, pretty much as your users would see it.

You interact with the Process, while at the same time using tabs on the right to explore the details of what is happening as you interact.

Four debug tabs

The debugger has four tabs

Trace permits you step-by-step to view details of calculations and logical reasoning

Values lets you view the current values in the Process

Conditions shows all conditions defined, and indicates whether they are currently true or false

Shows a view of the Process you are executing

2 - Step by Step Trace

Trace shows a record of each step executed

The Trace tab of the debugger shows you each step as you complete them.

It shows the values you entered, and the results of actions, for example the new values for variables if you have an update variable action.

The Trace tab is activated by default when you start to debug a Process

Debugging a Process, tracing step by step

3 - Conditions

Viewing condition evaluations

The Conditions tab gives you an alphabetical list of all conditions defined in the Process along with their current evaluation - true or false.

4 - Values

Viewing the current values

The values tab gives you an alphabetical list of all values in the Process

This shows the current state, at each step, of these values.

It shows values you have entered, and also values of variables.

For true/false values, the check mark being green indicates true, grey false.