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User Components

Components dealing with user authentication and profile

1 - Login

Login is for user authentication


Supabase and Firebase backends

Login is an authentication component, which communicates with backend cloud systems to authenticate against your project, using email-password.

No backend

Login uses Google Sign-in

2 - User Profile

User Profile is like a specialist Object View

User Profile

The User Profile component is a specialized Object View

It is dedicated to displaying the contents of the User Profile record for the current user.

Enabling users to edit their Profiles

This is really simple.

User Profile is a dedicated Object View, and so you do the same thing you do to make Object Views editable.

User Profile available everywhere

Normal Object Views need to be located downstream of the selection of an object of their set type.

In contract, as long as a Profile Object has been defined, User Profile components can be placed anywhere in the Component Flow .

In effect, the Profile Object is always selected. There is only one for the current user, so no selection is necessary to identify it.