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Make Apps adaptive to different device widths

1 - Overview of making Apps Adaptive

Make Apps adaptive to different device widths

If your users have a variety of devices of different widths, unless your App adapts to the different widths it may look clumsy, or at least be failing to expoit the screen resources available to it.

There are various ways you can make a Logiak App adapt to different display widths.

Custom Layouts

Available for

  • List Rows
  • Object Views
  • Custom Layouts Container

Width Controls on Components

  • Available for all components

Master-Detail views

Available for

  • Listing
  • Actions

2 - Logical Pixels

How we measure display widths

Logical Pixels

In describing screen widths, we use not a physical pixel measurement, but rather a virtual - logical - pixel measurement, derived from Flutter.

Find out device dimenions using Runner App

To find out the dimensions of any device in logical pixels, download and install the Logiak Runner App and you will see the dimensions at the bottom of the first screen

Runner App bottom row

Here, the current version of Logiak is shown on the left, and the dimensions of the current device, in Logical Pixels, on the right